CU Cancer Center Fund

An Organization That Fights Against Cancer

Who We Are

CU Cancer Center Fund is a nonprofit organization that works for cancer people. We provide resources to those fighting against this disease.

Through partnerships with other organizations and direct donations, the CU Cancer Center Fund provides funding for cancer research, educational programs, and patient support services.

Our goal is to reduce the burden of cancer by helping those affected to live well with the disease and by supporting research into more effective treatments CU Cancer Center Fund has been improving the quality of life for those living with or touched by this disease since 1990 through our programs.

Our Team

Cancer is a horrible disease that affects our society and our family. We had to work with our team of experts in order to find the right treatment for cancer patients. There are many different types of treatments, but we decided on which one was best for our patient after analyzing their history and symptoms. It may not be easy at first, but soon they will see how much better quality of life they have when compared to before!

We are group devoted entirely to fighting against this terrible illness

We want people suffering from cancers to know that there is some hope out there – our organization has been working tirelessly. All donations go towards research.

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision is to create a future where no one needs to die of cancer because there are cures for all types of cancers.

Our mission is to eradicate Cancer through clinical research and cutting edge therapies, while also providing hope by creating a community of support with our programs focused on Survivorship, Research Advocacy and Education.

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