Fight Against Cancer

Written By: Randy Lopez

Date Published: August 29, 2019

Fight Cancer

How to treat cancer (in the US), and the lack of clinical understanding of cancer and their mechanisms.

“We also know that in large enough groups of subjects with cancer, treatment with antioxidants such as vitamin C can improve the outcome of that cancer. Our hope is that this may extend the success of therapeutic approaches in the treatment of cancer with antioxidant therapy.”

“I think that it is very valuable that this very important compound is available here as a single-agent therapy,” said Dr. James O’Neill, director of the Cancer Research UK Research Institute, and professor of Clinical Pathology. “The fact that this agent is available under an NDA from the National Cancer Institute makes it much more attractive for the UK and internationally as a potential ‘first-line’ treatment for some cancers. This is very encouraging.”

The scientists are currently in the process of collecting data from trials of the agent for other cancer types and plans are to launch a phase II study shortly.

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