How Clean Toilets Can Help Cancer Patients

Healthcare in the modern world has progressed to great heights. Today’s medical technology can solve almost any ailment. Many deadly diseases which would once plague the world have become totally eliminated today. This has all been possible only through the concerted efforts of scientists and medical professionals throughout history. Their discoveries and experiments have to lead to this point in human history where life expectancy is at its highest, infant mortality at its lowest, and lesser and lesser number of people being debilitated by disease.

However, despite technological innovations and scientific discoveries, there is yet one menace which remains to be eliminated. I am, of course, talking about cancer. Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases in the modern era. Unlike other diseases which are caused by external pathogens such as bacteria or viruses, cancer is caused the rapid unnatural growth of mutated cancer cells in the body. Though a lot of research about cancer is being performed all over the world, not enough progress has been made to sweepingly solve the problem. Instead, there have been incremental improvements in treatments that have been steadily driving up the number of years cancer patients have to live.

Given the severity of cancer, many patients become bedridden. In the later stages of cancer, some patients’ bodies become so weak that they become unable to carry out many basic tasks such as walking or eating by themselves. They need to be assisted in all these endeavors. Given the difficulty of cancer patient’s life, everything that can be done to make their lives easier should be done. In the last few years of their lives, they deserve all the care and attention they can get.

A great way to ease a cancer patient’s suffering and show that they’re loved is by ensuring their rooms are fitted with clean toilets. A toilet that is clean, hygienic and well maintained is always a pleasure to use Unlike a dirty toilet, it has less waste material lying around.

The reasoning behind the importance of toilets is simple. The toilet is one thing which every person needs to use at least once in a day. Therefore, given how often it is used, a clean toilet will surely be appreciated.

There is also a great health advantage to using clean toilets. Since clean toilets are more hygienic, the number of germs present in the toilet will be very less. The lower number results in a lower chance of being infected. While the chance of being infected by germs in an unclean toilet is already pretty low for healthy people, that is not the case for cancer patients. Cancer patients have a much weaker immune system which makes them susceptible to the threat of disease and infections much more than healthy people. Thus, a clean toilet by minimizing contact between a patient and pathogens eliminates the chance of them falling sick.

Additionally, the toilets should also have tubeless toilet paper for the user’s convenience. Tubeless toilet papers are much easier to use and have many other benefits which make them practically better than their tubed counterparts.

Indoor Activities for Cancer Patients

In as much as the society created the perception about cancer as a death sentence, that is all in the mind. You can still make something out of your life even if you are a cancer patient. In most cases, most of this patients spend time indoors and you must find something useful within the house. There are many indoor activities which a cancer patient can do, the best option is that to find something there are their faves so they can enjoy it.

The activities should be able to minimize pain and if possible, one should get the consent of a medical practitioner when handling this kind of activities. The aim of this activities is to make sure they have a quality of life despite the underlying medical condition. You can also choose some light activities which may also make them a little bit out but they must be comfortable. Some of the healthy activities for cancer patients include the following:

Playing an indoor game
Indoor games have a way of enhancing the cognitive development of an individual. While playing the game, it takes the mind of the patient away from the medical challenge and just focuses on the game. Some of the games can sharpen one’s intellectual skills which in turn can aid the patient to look at life from a positive angle.

Engaging in cooking
Cancer does not mean you cannot cook, it is time you now sharpen your cooking and baking skills. As long as the patient is comfortable doing it, it is the best thing to do. In fact, you can also help in managing the work in the house so that the patient becomes productive in their own way within the house. It also helps to enhance creative skills which make them forget the dangerous cells they carry in their body.

Tailoring and embroidery
This is the best time to learn some tailoring for their households. The main aim of this is to engage the patient in a productive exercise which makes them more active. In case, the sewing machine is manual, you need to consult a doctor on the effectiveness in relation to your health.

Run an online support group for cancer patients
People love to open up to strangers because of lack of judgment. This is the best time to act as a living testimony and run a support group which people can share their experiences and management of this long-term illness.

Listening to music
Naturally, even for healthy people, listening to music is always therapeutic. It soothes the soul and also makes you relax which in turn ignites the stress relieving hormones which makes them reduce stress. It is also not just music but a classical music which has inspirational messages which give hope to the cancer patient. Some of the songs communicate directly to the patients and act like a preaching to look at life from a positive angle. It makes them accept the situation that has befallen them.