Highly-Recommended Activities For People Recuperating From Cancer

With this dark, menacing gloom hovering over its very name, Cancer has managed to suck out the life and joy of many individuals, families, and everyone around them. Growing quietly and mysteriously until it is exposed, to cause fear, panic, and desperation, Cancer has not realized nor let people realize that nature has even more mysterious ways of getting rid of it. Let us have a look at some very simple things one could do to fight this seemingly hideous monster and embark on a new journey to health and wellness.

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STARVE IT: While recuperating from cancer, it helps to understand the nature of cancer so as to fight it. Cancer cells, like everything else on earth, need something to feed on. When fed well, cancer cells multiply extremely fast, causing irreparable damage. The first and simple step against cancer is to starve it.

KNOW ITS GREATEST WEAKNESS: SUGAR Cancer, like most of us, loves sugar or anything refined which eventually turns into sugar. While refined sugars must definitely be avoided 100%, one must also look out for hidden sugars in seemingly healthy foods like your breakfast cereal and the High Fructose Corn Syrup in your fresh fruit juices. You must also look out for anything that can turn into sugar once it enters your body like refined carbohydrates as in white flour. Consume only whole grains like wheat, rice, oats (not the quick-cook oats), barley, finger millet, corn, etc. In moderation.

JUICE IT AND CRUSH IT OUT OF EXISTENCE: There are a lot of fresh, raw vegetable juices that can crush and flush out cancer cells. A good whip-up of raw, organic vegetables like carrots, broccoli, asparagus, and cabbage has a lot of cancer-fighting properties. A little turmeric can be added to the juice. The fiber in these vegetables also helps a great deal in detoxification. Though sugarless, fresh fruit juices are normally considered a very healthy diet, while recuperating from cancer, it is best not to give the body any sugar at all, even from fruits. The glucose in vegetables like carrots will supply the body with the necessary energy to get through those draining, fatigue-filled days. The skin and seeds of purple grapes though are said to have cancer-fighting properties.

STRETCH IT OUT: This roller-coaster ride of ups and downs while fighting cancer is no fun at all. This is probably one of the only diseases where the treatment causes almost as much harm as the disease itself. Though it might be difficult to forget about the whole ordeal and sit back, relaxation works better than most medications in this case. Stretch those muscles and set yourself free, nobody else can do it for you. Stretching and breathing exercises can relieve your body of muscle tension, reduce blood pressure and heart rate and thus increase the rate at which your immune system responds.

HUMILIATE IT BY IGNORING IT: Many say that the thought of cancer kills quicker than the disease itself. While that may not be entirely true, one must admit that it takes quite a toll on the mind, as it does on the body. It would help physically, mentally and emotionally to shift your focus from what is happening which might lead you to think about how it might end. We all end up the same way, never let the thought of it encourage cancer. Meditation and trying to focus on more positive and pleasant things help cure and strengthen your body and mind.

DAMPEN IT WITH A GOOD SOAK: Another great way to relax your mind and body is a good soak. A warm bath with a cup of Epsom salts helps relieve a great deal of stress while taking care of any magnesium deficiency, which is also proven to cause depression. Epsom salts also help detoxify. They have also been known to create a laxative effect.   Doing this after yoga is the best way for relaxing those muscles that might have been affected by cancer treatment.

While nobody has to force us to take a relaxing soak in a comforting warm bath or meditate or eat healthy stuff and avoid junk, it is good to know that these easy, peaceful, rather enjoyable steps are part of a great battle against this disease. While doing all this, you might realize that cancer is probably not as strong or clever as it deems itself to be. You are!